Tuesday, 8 July 2014

1 week to go!

A week today I will already be on way way back to the lovely South Africa!

An opportunity too good to miss.  I will be documenting the Vets Go Wild July 2014 course and working alongside the fabulous Dr William Fowlds and a team of veterinary students from various countries.  I first became aware of the wonderful work that Will does after the events of early 2012 that saw three white rhino poached at Kariega Game Reserve.  Sadly only one survived this awful ordeal and I have followed Thandi's story ever since and also followed the work that Will is involved in.  It was a pleasure to finally meet him in London in 2013 and I am so very privileged to be working alongside him in a weeks time.  It's still not really sunk in that I'm going!!

The 16-day Vets Go Wild module is aimed at students undertaking veterinary and wildlife based programmes at university, providing training in the care of animals at Amakhala Game Reserve and The Addo Elephant National Park both located in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Animals that they are likely to be working hands on with include Rhino, African Buffalo, Big Cats, Cheetah, Giraffe and more. Click Vets Go Wild for more information.

I will be documenting the course using photographs and also video, to show exactly what a vets life on a game reserve is like (and pobably sneaking in a few for myself).  I will be accompanying the vets as they gain this invaluable experience, led by Dr William Fowlds.

Not only will the vets learn so much in this time but so will I and I'm looking forward to becoming a sponge for the time I'm there, soaking it all in and doing what I can to help Will  and the students.

So the next week is going to be full of ironing and buying last minute things needed for the trip, making sure all my kit is ready and pinching myself that I'm actually doing this.

For me, as a Wildlife Photographer and lover of South Africa, I can't wait to get back to the culture, the lovely people, the beautiful scenery and of course the wonderful animals; this is such an awesome opportunity and I can't wait for it to start!  It's funny how a place can just "get to you" like SA did me.  I've been wanting to get back there ever since I got home after my first trip, and now finally it's actually happening two years later.

For now, this is it, and I will update again, once there is more news!

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