Sunday, 20 July 2014

Thursday 17th July

Firstly, many apologies for the lack of updates to my blog!

Once you read about what we've been doing, hopefully you will understand it's been rather crazy since I arrived here at Amakhala Reserve in South Africa.  Do know that I'm working frantically behind the scenes to get the photos edited and things written up so I can post on a daily basis.  Time and very slow internet access is making this difficult but I will get there!!  I'm having to wait until all the students are all in lectures or in bed to access the internet.  The lectures are a little distracting though as I'm really interested in learning more about what's actually going on here!!!

After breakfast on Thursday, I was taken over to Hlosi Lodge to settle into my room.  I feel very lucky right now!!!


  1. Wow! Lucky you! Your room is amazing - everything you hoped it would be, and more! I'm sure everyone appreciates how very busy you are and just look forward to hearing your latest news as and when you are able to update your blog. Take care and enjoy every moment! :-) x

  2. You certainly are not roughing it! As a mom to one of the vet students you're traveling with I'm excited to read all about your/their adventures! Keep them coming!

  3. A certain somebody here has just been looking at this and thought that was a washbasin with a view to die for!!! I quickly enlightened him what it actually is!! ;-) x