Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunday 27th July

Today we were split into two groups for two different activities. One group did dart practice with both NewDart and DanInject guns while the other group went down the Bushman’s River on a leisurely boat cruise. The groups then switched activities.

At darting practice we learned how to load a dart and manoeuvre both types of guns. After practice there was a friendly darting competition from the 45-yard line. Each person shot two darts on their preferred gun and the person closest to the bull’s eye won. Erin was the deadeye shot that won! She gets a surprise gift on the last night.

On the boat cruise we saw otters, African Darter Birds, a Fish Eagle, Dab Chicks, a Leopard Tortoise, Vervet Monkeys and a Malachi Kingfisher.

After lunch Dr Roy Bengis came and gave three presentations. The first was about epidemiology, the second was about Anthrax in African Wildlife and the third was all about his job as a veterinarian at Kruger National Park. It was very interesting, especially learning about how diverse his job is and to learn about the issues wildlife face at the park.


  1. Really interesting set of blogs and sounds like the students learnt a lot and had some fun along the way. Beautiful costal pictures and some stunning colours on the kingfisher. I love the smiles on the students faces!.

  2. Sounds like yet another fun and informative, action-packed day for everyone, recorded beautifully by Jo's wonderful pictures, as always!